Musicians as Athletes

Monday, February 24

2:30pm – 3:30pm

Butler School of Music, MRH  2.614 (Austin map)
Evan Collins, MD
Stacey Gorniak, PhD
Kimberly Goldie Staines, OTC, CHT

Dr. Evan Collins, renowned hand and upper extremity physician at Houston Methodist Hospital’s Center for Performing Arts Medicine, gives an in-depth look at the unique physiological challenges experienced by elite musicians. Though musicians display high level performance much like professional athletes, they also have distinct health concerns that require specialized treatment and prevention. He is joined by Stacey Gorniak, a leading hand scientist, who discusses the latest advancements in research on elite music performance and hand capabilities. Hand therapist Kimberly Goldie Staines will overview tips and hints for musicians’ career longevity and how rehabilitation research is key to keeping musicians on the stage. The session concludes with a panel discussion and audience question opportunities moderated by Glenn Richter, Dean of the Butler School of Music.

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Houston Methodist Hospital